10 Ways to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Published: 01st July 2010
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Have you just initiated a breakup up with your boyfriend, and realised that it was a mistake? Maybe you didn't initiate the breakup, but you're eager to win him back?

Then know this.

Getting back your boyfriend is easy. It's not as hard as it seems. But that's only true if you know how.

The truth is, break ups are common in relationships. But very often, one party might regret that decision or is still eager to work things out.

Perhaps, breaking up with your boyfriend was the last thing you ever wanted.

If so, here are 10 ways to get your ex boyfriend back

1 - Feed Him Well

Heard of the saying "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach"? Believe it or not, this actually holds true to most men.

Men usually associate good wives as women who cook and feed them. Which means that if you can cook and feed your boyfriend, he's likely to hold you in high regard and see you as a good wife who's capable of taking care of his needs.

If you don't know how to cook, then start learning. It could very well be the very best skill you'll ever learn to please your boyfriend.

Especially if you cook his favourite dishes, he will realize the possible future that he could have with you if ever you do get back together.

2 - Give Him Mental and Emotional Support

Men don't need a lot of things from their partners. But one of the things they need is mental and emotional support.

If you can somehow show your ex boyfriend that you're able to offer him the necessary support that he needs when he goes through rough patches in life, then you have a good chance to win him back.

When your ex boyfriend gets your unconditional support, it will give him a great sense of security knowing that you'll be there for him for the long haul, supporting all his decisions.

3 - Reverse The Gender Roles Occasionally

Many people take it as a custom for men to be the one to court and woo the women. But because you're trying to win back your ex boyfriend, you can try to woo him instead, which can have a big impact on him.

That's because by going against the norm, you're showing your ex boyfriend that you are willing to go beyond what is expected of you just to get him back into your life.

Remember that while men are usually known to be tough, they won't mind occasional wooing from women.

4 - Be His Playmate

In a relationship, a guy likes it when his girlfriend becomes his playmate. So if you want to get your ex boyfriend back, this is one effective way.

Become interested in what he's interested in, and try to play a part in them. If he's interested in tennis, then try to pick it up and play with him. In other words, find out what his hobbies are, pick them up and join him in them.

Being your ex boyfriend's playmate will let him know that you care enough to be his playmate, which increases your chances of getting back together with him.

5 - Boost His Confidence

When a married couple breaks up, it can devastate both parties.

After your break up, your ex boyfriend may feel a bit down on himself, and might actually lose his confidence in himself that he might shy away from any opportunity that you guys can actually work things out and get back together.

So to win him back, it'll be a great idea to boost his confidence so he feels he's able to feel good being back with you. You can do that by letting him feel he gives you a sense of security when he's by your side.

Show him that when he's by your side, you're more confident as a person and that you're able to accomplish more. But don't appear too needy because that only irritates your ex boyfriend.

6 - Admire Him

Men have great egos, and they love and crave admiration, especially from their partners.

So if you want a sure fire way to win back your ex boyfriend, then be sure to admire him because he wants to feel like a hero and not a zero to you.

You can encourage him, praise him for his accomplishments, and tell him how proud you are of him. That also puts you in good light and makes you a person pleasant to be with, which is crucial in your plan to winning him back.

7 - Attract Him Once Again

Men need their spouses to be attractive whether or not you like it. You may want him to like your character and not your external beauty, but that's how God wired men to be, aroused by sight.

So just by simply making a consistent effort to dress and doll yourself up, you can actually win him back to you.

Attracting him to you may be a minor step, but it is still an important one. Don't expect your ex boyfriend to even think about getting back with you if you look like a mess.

8 - Help Him Recall the Good Past

I'm sure there are good things in your previous relationship that you remember, which can give you an edge when winning back your ex boyfriend.

I'm sure you have some insider information about what your ex boyfriend's likes and dislikes are. Use that to your advantage to remind him what he is missing in not having you in their life.

You can simply wear the shirt that he adores on you, or play the song that he would go wild over. There's just no limit. Use anything that you know your ex boyfriend will like.

This not only rekindles any memory that your ex boyfriend may have about you and your relationship, but also shows your ex boyfriend that you value what he said and liked, and that you care enough to try and impress him with it.

9 - Talk To Him

Because men don't talk as much as women do, you may think that talking about your relationship with your ex boyfriend is something that's not going to interest him. But just try it and you might be in for a nice surprise.

Many women have tried this, and became surprised by how much their ex boyfriends want to talk to them.

The key to making it happen is to make sure to discuss things slowly, and avoid any confrontations as it will only make things worse.

10 - Ask For Him Back

I like how the bible puts it, "Ask and You Shall Receive".

Almost all guys think it's taboo to hear a woman say that she wants a guy back, because most men can't bear to see a girl in pain, especially one that is asking to get back together with him.

So that's when you got to learn to be smart when you ask.

Learn to ask your ex boyfriend to get back together with you, but do not appear or sound too needy. Men want women to want them, but not when women appear desperate or needy.

So bear that in mind when you ask your for your ex boyfriend back.

Bear these tips in mind, follow them and you should multiply your chances of getting back your ex boyfriend.

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